’s fields of work look to build or strengthen strategies for sustainable, responsible development. Although we see every project as unique and a source of new knowledge, our professional perspective stems from a comprehensive template of service fields, listed below, that shape the scope of our work and convictions. At the same time, we understand these fields are never independent from each other and constantly overlap depending on the context of every single project.


→    Disaster Risk Assessments    →    Target group and situation analysis    →    Social assessments and vulnerability studies



→    Feasibility studies and cost analysis    →    Project monitoring and impact analysis   
→    Project appraisals and expert opinions



→    Concept development and policy advice    →    Formulation and development of design guidelines
→    Secure, sustainable and climate-appropriate project design



→    Multi-lateral dialogue with stakeholders    →    Project management and execution support
→    External quality control and supervision of agreed standards



→    Development and implementation of capacity building programmes    →    Facilitation of participatory seminars and workshops
→    Documentation and transfer of lessons learnt